Sea Kayaking: Malabar

On the last day of summer 2016/17 it was time for another sea kayak paddle with the Tuesday group.
The wind was dying off, only about 10 knots and the swell was only 1 to 1.5 metres and pretty much lined up with the wind. Although we had a light shower after the start, we were to experience quite a bit of blue sky.
Near the headland and along the cliffs, the swell, combined with the bounce back from the cliffs, gave us quite a ride. Soon Ken was swimming, so the whistles were blowing to stop and regroup. After a few missed practice rolls, Caroline reentered cowboy style. Maybe it was the extra effort, but shortly she was about to succumb to sea sickness and was escorted home.
Regrouping on the gently rolling ocean
Out in the ocean the  group tends to regroup every 1 to 2 kilometres. This gives the chance for a rest. It also gave me a chance to practice some of the manoeuver techniques that Rob taught me this afternoon.
Like a lot of these paddles, the way home was downwind and with the swell. Great waves to catch.
Finally, we rounded off the day catching some waves on the reef inside the bay.




Author: exploringyonder15

Life is for exploring. Cycle, paddle, walk, trek, camp, cook, renovate or simply sit and observe - my journey.

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