Around Meryla

Our first 4×4 outing.

With great excitement we headed off for our first 4×4 trip. 
We wanted to make sure that on our first trip we didn’t get lost or stranded on some tougher than expected track. To help us out we bought “4WD Treks close to Sydney” by Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage (6th Edition). This has 17 easy, 6 medium, one difficult and one very difficult trips around Sydney.
We decided on an easy one to start with that was not too far from home. Trek 1: Around Meryla
Distance: 32.6km 
Standard: Easy
AWD?: It says in the trip guide that it’s suitable for AWDs. Maybe when the book was published it was, but now you at least need high ground clearance on the Meryla Fire Trail section. Also if there had been a lot of rain, parts of the track would be very boggy.
The road up to the Griffins Fire Trail car park and picnic tables was pretty straight forward. Along the road there are a couple of camping spots. Good, without being great. No facilities.
At the car park, which is where the Griffins Fire Trail starts, there are a couple of picnic tables. It’s a great spot for morning tea. You could also walk down to the river if you had the time and energy. Not today.
Pretty well any car could do this part of the route.
Meryla fire trail has one rocky section that is not difficult but an AWD would probably bottom out and not have the traction to get up the hill. Also there are some wet bog holes that would have stranded an AWD. The first couple of these we went around as we only had highway standard tyres. Also we were still getting used to the capabilities of the Everest (and driver). Particularly on the second half of the trip we took our time and got a great feel for the car and track.
Great scenery, some good walks and the trip finished at Fitzroy Falls.
The are a number of picnic areas at the National Park Visitors Centre along with a cafe. About 500 metres along the Nowra Road towards Kangaroo Valley is a picnic ground on the left. This is situated next to the reservoir and made for a great lunch stop.
All in all a great introduction and a great way to get the new car dirty. 

Author: exploringyonder15

Life is for exploring. Cycle, paddle, walk, trek, camp, cook, renovate or simply sit and observe - my journey.

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