Wombeyan Caves

First stop, Wombeyan Caves camping area. This is part of the Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve. There are great limestone caves here and you can purchase tickets for guided tours. There is also one self guided cave (also a fee applicable). There is also a swimming hole, though there is a walk to get there.img_5533

The road in from Goulburn is quite good. There’s only about 7-8km of pretty good dirt. A little windy towards the end as you drop down into the valley, so just take your time.

The camping area is large and spread-out. No marked spots, just find you own. There were groups of campers with their surrounding tents, camper-trailers of various shapes and sizes as well as caravans. There are a small number of powered sites but we thought that the best spots were the unpowered sites. For us the only practical difference between powered and unpowered is that we can’t use our electric heater (certainly not needed now) and we can’t use our toaster. No big deal. There are also cabins.

Open fires are permissible as long as they are in the fire pits (which are very large).

There is a camp kitchen, complete with a bit of a recreation area. Both of these are functional, but showing their age. The garbage and recycling is beside the kitchen. There are also hot showers.

Camp fees are paid down at the Ranger’s Office, about 500 metres from the camping area. This is where you book cave tours and there is a small canteen there. The shop shuts at 4:00pm.


The Rangers told us that Easter is the busiest time of year here. It can get pretty packed.



Exploring the NSW Tablelands


Christmas/New Year brings lots of great things. Not the least, is a couple of weeks off work for my wife. This, combined with the need to get to Brisbane for a family birthday, another road-trip was on the agenda.
We have not done a lot of inland travelling, staying usually near the coast. We knew the coast would be so busy during the Christmas break. So a rough ‘plan A’ was developed, taking us up the NSW Tablelands. We knew that there will be a pretty good chance this will change as we were prepared to be responsive to whatever we encountered.
The only real constraint was that we had about 12 nights to get there. That’s so much better than flying or driving straight through.

Time to visit the Northern Territory

So I’ve finished work. This is a very strange feeling. But before I can settle in too much, it’s off to the Northern Territory.

Bethany has been working on a contract at Darwin Hospital and this is coming to an end very soon. We have a unique opportunity to duck up to Darwin while she is still there.

Elizabeth will be coming for a four day weekend and then I’ll hire a small camper van and stay another five nights.

Sunset Darwin